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    I am here to share some TOP SECRETS with you. Nobody will Explain These Things Properly...Many Will Even Say These Are WRONG...

    'There is no such thing called Exam Leave'..'We will encourage you to take exams but the leave would be deducted from your Annual leave.'

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    1. Do exactly WHAT you do in your normal surgery! This is our programme director's favourite mantra!

    2. Take care of simulators as you do with your Patients! Just talk to them as you talk with your Family/Friends. Then see how easy it is to explain in non jargon way!

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    Why Do We Fear Asking Questions About Sex and Sexuality? Yes, I felt veryyyy embarrassed when taking sexual history when I was a junior doctor.

    I feel better now (still not perfect) after observing my Trainers and Nurses when I did my DFSRH in the dedicated Sexual Health Clinics.

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    MRCGP - Make the most of your registrar year A year away from being a fully fledged GP, but what a busy year it will be, Plan Everything Ahead!

    It's that time of year again; the transition to primary care for the start of the GP registrar year.

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Are You Ready to Take Your Consultations to the Next Level?


Our MISSION is to train YOU to rock your consultations with confidence, get the best marks, impress your patients effortlessly and make every examiner admire you instantly!


Our AIM is to create MASSIVE SUCCESS in your career & JOY in your life!


It's YOUR Time... Let's create YOUR success together!



Are You Ready to Take Your Consultations to the Next Level?

You Deserve to Feel Totally Confident During Your Consultations & Be Successful!

It’s a Skill that No One Taught You....I Will Teach You Now! 

You really love your medicine, but struggling to understand the confusing consultation models and finding difficult to shine in your exams. 

What you’ve got feels boring, awkward, lonely and frustrated!  

This is not YOU!

You need someone to teach you the easiest way to get more marks and shine in your consultations.

If you are looking for someone who can help you to understand the complex consultation models and refine your performance, You are in the right place, my friend!

That’s exactly what I do!

I’m Hema, a GP ( Family Physician) currently working in Yorkshire, UK.

I am the founder of CSA

We help YOU to ROCK your Consultation with Confidence, Get MORE marks, WOW the Patients Effortlessly and Make Every Examiner Instantly ADMIRE  You!

After 15 years of medical experience in England & India, now through my flagship online programme CSASmartSuccess - I teach doctors and medical students super-practical, simple actionable steps to rock their consultations with ease and confidence, get more marks and actually enjoy doing it!  

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You are an amazing person.

Let me help you to rock your consultations!

This is YOUR time!

If I can do it, YOU can too!

Let's Create YOUR Success Together!

First thing is to have a clarity about where you are now!

This is where we start. This is your Foundation.

You will learn a whole new way to think about you and your consultation style!

You will learn how to look at everything you do with new eyes for efficiency and effectiveness.

Here, I am going to share my 20 years of experience with you!

Get ready to receive my high value, high content articles, valuable tips from the toppers & the examiners.

As a leading learner & not as a teaching teacher!

To Your Success,

Dr. Hema Esh


GP (Family Physician) in England, UK.


Special Interest in Womens Health & Diabetes, Drug Misuse - CIDC, LoC in SDI & IUD.

Creator of CSA SmartGroup    

Rock YOUR consultations with confidence, get MORE marks and actually ENJOY doing it!  

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