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Hellooo Friend!

Hema Here!

I am soooo happy to share this news with you!

Recently I have donated books through my Royal Amore Trust for our local school in my small hometown in India.

I can still remember myself in blue uniform reading  books all night and came to know the entire different world – Enid Blyton, Ida S Schudder, Mother Theresa, Che Guevara, Gandhi etc, etc.

The Impact was hugeee!

I feel blessed and fortunate to live in Yorkshire Moors that I had only imagined as a little girl while reading novels borrowed from my school library.

Definitely we feel better when we give something back  –  A Dream come true for me 🙂


“When you sell a man a book you don’t sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue – you sell him a whole new life.” – Christopher Morley.

Back to our,

A Slap ( few actually) with Love!

Are you wondering what I am talking about here?


I am going to discuss some of the mistakes we do intentionally in CSA.

The worst about it is we think that they would help us to pass.


Yes, You are right!

I have done those mistakes MANY times!

And have got LOTS OF SLAPS (Ouchhhhhh)

They are FOES in disguise AS FRIENDS!


You can learn from my mistakes.

Do not need to re invent the wheel!

1. Expressing Empathy many times believing that it would help to pass.

Noooooo, because it would appear as if we are acting, may sound bit dramatic, may not feel authentic….

STOP doing it!

DO – It at appropriate time andddd in a way it looks, feels, sounds, smells, tastes TRUE & AUTHENTIC.

2. Trying to respond for every word patient says to show that  we are (actively) listening!

Noooooo, because it would appear irresponsible and irritating and treacherous!

STOP doing it!

DO – Less is more! (I must follow it, so no more explanation here, Right?)

3. Using statements like –  ‘I know that’, ‘I understand that’, ‘I appreciate that’…. many times…

Noooooo, It annoys patients…They  will definitely ask – How do u know it, have you been in my position?

STOP doing it!

DO – Use it wisely…My best friend is – ‘I can see you angry, worried or concerned’….

4. Trying to cover ALL things ( full Harrison or Oxford book) under the sky in ONE consultation…

Noooooo, It makes you veryyy doctor centered!

STOP doing it!

Do – Get the patients’ AGENDA, prioritize and address them, plan the rest for the next time…

5. Addressing JUST ONE obvious problem for the WHOLE 10 minutes!

Noooooo, It would be a Tug of War! Missing whole lot of other gold nuggets like psychosocial occupational etc  🙁

STOP doing it!

DO – Have a mighty Eagle’s view from the beautiful blue sky. Do not use Hand Lens in CSA!

6. Using Diplomatic language to show that we know it all..

Noooooo, You are not Blair or Cameron .It would appear dramatic, unrealistic,sound harsh, alienating from patients.

STOP doing it!

Do -Use words what we use in our day to day life! Watch TV Dramas! (Though I am against it to save our precious time).

7. Trying to be ‘THE PROBLEM SOLVER’…

Noooooo, We are here to work with the patients to empower them to manage their problems.

STOP doing it!

Do- Share the options and encourage patients to take decision and act. Keep your shoulders FREE!

8. Trying to PLEASE Everybody Everytime in Everything!

Noooooo, It will look irresponsible, unprofessional, even dangerous sometimes!

STOP doing it!

Do – Say ‘NO’ but with the appropriate REASONS.

9. Trying to make patients EXPERT in justtttt 10 minutes ( I will do it even now , Oops!)

Noooooo, It will confuse our patients!

STOP doing it!

Do – Give ONLY the  information THEY need to know, NOT All that YOU know!

10. Assuming the need of the patients and jump into the solution very early on!

Noooooo, BIG Chunk of agenda will be missed!

STOP doing it!

Do – Actively listen from the start and set the agenda! If in doubt – Just ASK!


Thats all my Friend!

Enough Slaps for today 🙂

My Mantra is –


A Great Doctor is first a GOOD LISTENER!


do something in csa


Be Creative, Live Your Dream and Celebrate Your Life Now!

To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.



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