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Hellooo Friend!

Hema Here!

Give me a bigggg Hi 5!!!!!

I am writing this from Atlanta, a beautiful historical city in Georgia, USA.

I had a beautiful experience this morning when flying over the Atlantic Ocean in the Delta Airlines from Manchester to Atlanta.

My Little Superman- READY TO RESCUE!

I just want to share that awesome incident with you!

You know, when I was preparing for my PLAB, many years ago, I always loved to watch ER…

Casualty room experiences and I love George Clooney from that…

My friends used to laugh at me saying that it was crazy to watch the same doctor stuff even at rest time.

But Only I know how I missed my doctor role while preparing for the PLAB exam….

Now, Back to Atlanta story…

While sleeping at 3 am, There was an announcement on board asking for doctors.

I woke up startled wondering if I was dreaming!

When they announced for the second time, I came to the reality…

I was scared to go forward for a moment thinking – should I be like a ostrich hiding its head under the sand…

or go ahead and face it…

Anyway, My legs were not listening to my mind dilemma as usual and got up saying, ”I am here- The DOCTOR”!

(Not exactly like George Clooney).

The story in short- I stabilized a passenger who had collapsed… due to dehydration…Food poisoning effect.

Hearty thanks to my Trainers in A&E, Leeds and Bradord for their fantastic teaching & training…(though the shift system was crazy)

Yes, Everybody thanked me.. Felt like a celebrity for a while….

The golden moment was— when I was gifted with $200 voucher….(do I need to pay tax?)

Yes, Just think how gifted we are…

We do what we love and yet, We are paid for doing that!

I feel blessed and fortunate…

Thats all, My friend…

Sooooo grab your opportunity to be trained in BLS/ALS ( not for the sake of filling your eportfolio)…

You do not know when your service will be needed!

To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.



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