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What is Your Breaking Point in CSA?

Have you guessed what we are about to discuss?


broken pencil

when is yours?


I know!

It is kind of difficult to pin point it. Is n’t it?


It is easy to predict and it is easier to prepare how to deal those weaker points.

The important point is


That is why you need to have a Buddy CSA Practice Group!

For Me,

The breaking points are – Palliative care, drug misuse cases, ethical dilemmas etc.

What I did was I pushed myself to do those cases with my Trainer, colleagues so that at least I felt okish prior to my CSA exam.

You know what happened?

I felt completely relaxed and enjoyed every minute of my exam.

Hmm Yummyyy! Like a piece of cake!

Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it…

that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.”

– Dale Carnegie


Woo Hooooo! I DID IT! Happyyy Dancingggg!


More you find your breaking points, more you practise them – You will be an expert in them 🙂

Assignment for You from CSA SmartGroup 🙂

Find out your Breaking Points.

Form a CSA Buddy Group!

Practice, Practice, Practice.


Practice, Practice, Practice!
This photo was taken by my Awesome Friend, Sandhya. Thank u Sandhya!


Consistent Practice brings Consistent Results. Easy Peasy!

Not only You, But also Your Patients enjoy working together!

It is an amazing feeling of fulfillment!

Trust Me!


Be Creative, Live Your Dream and Celebrate Your Life,

To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.



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