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Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections Made Easy for CSA

  Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Made Easy! Yes, In your exams, STI treatment part may be 1/100th of the marks you get. Do not worry too much about it to start with 🙂 Bookmark it in your lovely BNF…. ( check in BNF always if unsure) Do […]

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Ethical Dilemma – Woman Requesting Termination of Pregnancy

Here is an example for ethical dilemmas and how to deal them.       Watch the video to learn :   How to deal ethical dilemmas in CSA effectively. How to have a lateral thinking in CSA How to use other types of languages in CSA. How […]

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Breaking Bad News Training Videos: 2 of 3 – Patients’ Perspective

Watch today’s video to learn 1. About the crucial points to consider while breaking bad news. 2.About the experiences of patients when receiving bad news. 3. The various views on breaking bad news. 4. Advice on best practice to follow.   Click Here – Breaking Bad News Training […]

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Free CSA Videos – Points For Breaking Bad News

Hellooo Friend! Hema Here! Dos and Don’t s of Breaking Bad News. httpv:// To Your Success, Hema xoxo   loans for people with disability income P.S.

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Learn From Dr Hann on How to Break Bad News

In this video, Dr Elly Hann, DO, San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care, speaks on how best to deliver bad news such as the diagnosis of a potentially terminal illness to patients. How Best To Deliver Bad News to Patients and Family   ) Talk Soon, Dr. […]

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How to Manage Aggressive Patients in CSA Exams?

Watch today’s video to learn 1. How to keep your cool & stay safe in CSA. 2. How to avoid things get to the point of no return. 3. How to understand and handle aggressive patients in CSA. 4. How LATTE help you to get more marks. 5. How […]

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Hellooo Friend! Hema Here! Hooray!!!!! Our Videos and Webinars are getting awesome feedback from your colleagues! Are you ready for your ‘DATE WITH CSA’? Here you go! DATE WITH CSA – CSA SUCCESS SECRETS TRAINING SERIES HOW TO MANAGE A TEENAGER REQUESTING PILL? Sounds straight forward, Right? […]

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How to Deal Angry Patients in Exams?

  I know you’ve probably got a lot planned for this, so I’ll make it quick 🙂 My Rapid Success Ticket to CSA Course happened last weekend… Your Commitment towards your success in CSA was Awesome!   Testimonials of the GP Registrars in their own words: ”Hi […]

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Ethics Videos: Introduction iEthiCS has created a novel, state-of-the-art ethics virtual patient scenario that has the potential to revolutionise medical ethics education in the UK and abroad for both staff and students, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.           Write DNAR Order Now   […]

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Hellooo Friend! Hema Here! This is part of a video of a Nurse giving a patient bad news. The video corresponds with lessons taught in the Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses program. httpv:// P.S.

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