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Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) Made Easy to Rock Your Consultations

HRT Made Easy- A Beginner’s Guide to the Menopause Management This training¬†covers determining if menopause has started, the drug and non-drug treatment options that help with physical and psychological symptoms, and also it provides clarity on the benefits and risks of taking HRT. In this training, you’ll […]

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Six Steps You Must Know in Sexual Health Cases to Rock Your Consultations in CSA

Learn how to navigate the embarrassing sexual health assessment questions during your medical consultations, build the rapport quickly, establish your authority without feeling pushy and boost your success rate in exams with ease and confidence. Share with Your Friends!   In this free class you will learn: […]

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Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections Made Easy for CSA

  Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Made Easy! Yes, In your exams, STI treatment part may be 1/100th of the marks you get. Do not worry too much about it to start with ūüôā Bookmark it in your lovely BNF…. ( check in BNF always if unsure) Do […]

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Risk Assessment of Sexually Transmitted Infections Made Easy to Pass Your CSA

Risk Assessment of Sexually Transmitted Infections Made Easy to Pass Your CSA Get Your FREE Cheat Sheet! –¬†Click Here!     Have you ever thought why do we shy away from the STI risk assessment?   STIs – Not a fav subject for many of us! May […]

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Ethical Dilemma – Woman Requesting Termination of Pregnancy

Here is an example for ethical dilemmas and how to deal them.       Watch the video to learn :   How to deal ethical dilemmas¬†in CSA effectively. How to have a lateral thinking in CSA How to use other types of languages in CSA. How […]

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How to Manage a Teenager Requesting the Pill?

Watch today‚Äôs video to learn 1. How to manage a teenager requesting the pill. 2. How to gather information effectively¬†in CSA. 3. How to demonstrate a structured and flexible approach in CSA. 4. How to develop a rapport with the teenager.     Here you go! How […]

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Hellooo Friend! Hema Here! Give me a bigggg Hi5! The Guidelines are Life Savers in our CSA Exam!   Here you go! BASHH (Sexual Health)¬†–¬†for practical tips on sexual health including the management of STIs and HIV in the UK. Family Planning– Practical guidelines from the¬†Faculty of […]

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Hellooo Friend! Hema Here! Why Do¬†We Fear Asking Questions About Sex and Sexuality in CSA? Yes, ¬†I felt veryyyy embarrassed when taking sexual history when I was a junior doctor. I feel better now (still not perfect) after observing my Trainers and Nurses when I did my […]

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