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Learn From Dr Hann on How to Break Bad News

In this video, Dr Elly Hann, DO, San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care, speaks on how best to deliver bad news such as the diagnosis of a potentially terminal illness to patients. How Best To Deliver Bad News to Patients and Family   ) Talk Soon, Dr. […]

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How to Manage Aggressive Patients in CSA Exams?

Watch today’s video to learn 1. How to keep your cool & stay safe in CSA. 2. How to avoid things get to the point of no return. 3. How to understand and handle aggressive patients in CSA. 4. How LATTE help you to get more marks. 5. How […]

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How to Manage a Teenager Requesting the Pill?

Watch today’s video to learn 1. How to manage a teenager requesting the pill. 2. How to gather information effectively in CSA. 3. How to demonstrate a structured and flexible approach in CSA. 4. How to develop a rapport with the teenager.     Here you go! How […]

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Master Your Problem Solving Skill To Shine in CSA

Watch today’s video to learn 1. How to enhance your problem solving skill to get more marks in CSA. 2. How to effectively gather data & information in CSA. 3. How to demonstrate a structured and flexible approach in CSA     Here you go! Master Your […]

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Leadership for Doctors

Weak and indecisive leadership will definitely lead to disaster.  So Learn to Lead & Excel in Exams!   In this video… How to pass in CSA with this simple mindset tweak. How to avoid coming across as arrogant in CSA.   Please remember this : Leadership is NOT […]

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Failed CSA? Have Courage To Choose!

I know it is easy to say… But the choice is yours.   In this video, Learn how to get up again if you have failed in CSA. Learn how to face the challenge and reach your success Learn how to choose what you want and commit […]

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MRCGP CSA Failing International Medical Graduates?

An independent review into the issue, commissioned by the GMC, found BME (black and minority ethnic) graduates trained in the UK were three times more likely to fail the exam than their white UK colleagues. International medical graduates from BME backgrounds were 15 times more likely to […]

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[Video] – How to Deal a Patient with Suspected DVT signs?

Hellooo Friend! Hema Here! How to Deal a Patient with Suspected DVT signs in CSA?     DVT PATHWAY IN PRIMARY CARE When we clinically suspect possible DVT in CSA, it is very important to blend our questions with the following points in mind. MNUBOX.COM/PAGES/ 1. Appropriate […]

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Hellooo Friend, Hema Here! was granted an exclusive candidate’s eye view of the exam by RCGP CSA core group members Dr Kamila Hawthorne and Dr Richard Jones. It includes a glimpse behind the scenes into the preparation of examiners and role-playing patients and a question-and-answer session […]

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Learn How to Get the Effective Feedback to Pass Your CSA.   why some of us are not able to find out what we need to strengthen before our big day?     YES,   Remember – Do not just ask what to improve or concentrate on […]

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