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CSA Exam Success Tips From Dr. Bruno Rushforth!

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The key to success in the CSA is ensuring that in your day-to-day practice you get used to meeting the COT criteria.
For example – Asking about ideas, concerns and  expectations and incorporating patients’ health beliefs into a shared management plan.
This has got to flow naturally and will do so if you practise, practise, practise doing so in every consultation.
Regular video review of your consultations will give opportunities for feedback on how to improve your performance in this regard.
Don’t be afraid of the video camera.
Embrace it and feel like it’s the norm to have your consultations reviewed at every available opportunity.
Exam technique or crammer CSA courses may help to ensure that you are as efficient as possible for the 10 minute CSA scenarios .
But can’t replace this core work that will put you in the best position to pass the CSA.
Nonetheless, below are some additional tips that you may wish to consider:

1. Ask an ST3 who has passed the CSA to come along to one or two of your small group CSA practice session. Get them to critique your performance. They’ve been there, done it, and passed – and all very recently. So listen to their advice.

2. When you role play with colleagues CSA practice cases, try with a cut off of 9 minutes (rather than 10 minutes as in the CSA). This will make you even more focused on ensuring you finish each scenario, and will allow for a bit of slack if nerves can get the better of you for the real thing.
3. Try and undertake a practice CSA course in Croydon itself (or when the CSA moves to the new RCGP premises, to the new building/CSA centre). Yes, it may be a bit of a trek to go to London when there are local courses available.
Your confidence on the day will get a boost from having already sat some mock-exam stations in the same surroundings as the real thing.
Final top tip is a personal preference, and worked for me, but may not suit your consultation style. 
4. When the buzzer went for the beginning of each station in the CSA I would jump up and move towards the door so that I was able to greet the simulated patient as they entered the room.
This allowed me to start to build rapport from the moment they entered the room, and also helped me feel more
confident and ‘in control’ of the start of the consultation.
Good luck!
Bruno Rushforth. 
GP, Leeds.




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You can get Bruno’s book – Get Through New MRCGP: Clinical Skills Assessment (Get Through Series)

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