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Do not miss the exact scripts given to explore ideas, expectations etc.

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Easiest option- Available 24/7 at your fingertips! What else I can say?

RCGP CURRICULUM  – Our darling site-  First and Foremost!

BRADFORD VTS – I love Dr Ramesh Mehay just for his website! A Treasure of vital informations!

PENNINE VTS – our favourite website with amazing collection of CSA cases to practice!  You cannot say excuses)

Swindon/Bath GPR MRCGP Resources.

DERMNET  (free source of > 23,000 dermatology pictures!)



( Click the link to Buy)

1. Oxford Handbook of General Practice   (we all MUST have one always)

An essential book to accompany you throughout GP training and beyond, with clinical and management information useful for both the AKT and the CSA.

2. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (Oxford Medical Handbooks)

3. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties (Oxford Medical Handbooks)

4. CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGP – Jennifer Stannett

5. Get Through New MRCGP: Clinical Skills Assessment (Get Through Series) – Bruno Rushford and Val Wass

6. Consultation Skills for the New MRCGP: Practice Cases for CSA and COT (plus DVD) – Prashini Naidoo

7. CSA Scenarios for the new MRCGP – Thomas Das

Another book of cases which was useful in exam preparation.

8. NMRCGP Practice Cases: Clinical Skills Assessment – Raj Thakkar

9. Essential NMRCGP CSA Preparation and Practice Cases (Masterpass Series) – Rhona Knight

A useful addition to a bank of practice cases.

10. Cases and Concepts for the new MRCGP 2e: Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and Case-based Discussion (CbD) –    Prashini Naidoo

11. Consultation Skills for the MRCGP 2e: Practice Cases for CSA and COT – Prashini Naidoo

12. Dr Una Coales’S Mrcgp Csa Book

13.The 10-minute Clinical Assessment – Knut Schroeder

14. Focused Clinical Assessment in 10 Minutes for MRCGP: Data Gathering, Clinical Management and Communication Skills (MasterPass) – Israr Khan   (Have yet to try it out! Please comment & rate if you have used it)

15. The Condensed Curriculum Guide: for GP training and the new MRCGP– Ben Riley

16. New MRCGP in a Box – By M. Punukollu

‘Flashcards’ for the MRCGP examination, utilising standard question formats from the Royal College exams, and containing relevant questions on one side of the card, with answers and explanations on the reverse.

19. Effective Consulting: Interpersonal Skills for the CSA 2 [DVD] – Dr. Peter Tate

20. Effective Consulting:The Five Key Tasks – Dr. Peter Tate

21. Notes for the MRCGP: A Curriculum Based Guide to the AKT, CSA and WBPA – Keith Palmer.

22. CSA Summary Cards for the nMRCGP – Nuzhet A-Ali.

23. CASEcards   (I loveeee it) – Author: Dr L Bowd, Dr P Hunt, Dr E Smiley and Dr S Tricker


Books TO SHARPEN your communication skills:

( Click the link to Buy)

1. The Inner Consultation: How to Develop an Effective and Intuitive Consulting Style by our favourite Roger Neighbour, n interesting guide to developing consulting and reflective skills and a classic for trainees.

2. The Naked Consultation: A Practical Guide to Primary Care Consultation Skills – Liz Moulton.

3. The New Consultation: Developing doctor-patient communication (Medicine) – David Pendleton.

4. Skills for Communicating with Patients – Jonathan Silverman

5.The Doctor’s Communication Handbook – Peter Tate.

6. Telephone Consultations in Primary Care: A Practical Guide – Tony Males

7. The Doctor, His Patient and The Illness, 2e – Michael Balint

Many More!


(Might be boring most of the times, I cannot say that we could avoid them).

It is vital to update our medical knowledge till we stop practising medicine:-)

Like oxygen for living! Right?

Here You go-

Our RCGP journal, Innovait.(very useful)

BMJ: Clinical Evidence.

British National Formulary.


(I LOVE THEMMM  &&& Dr Mehay ( Bradford VTS site) has given permission to use them wowww, Thank u Ramesh!)


Scripts for Ideas, Concerns and Expectations
Scripts for Psycho-Social-Occupational Enquiry
Scripts for Explanation (Diagnosis)
Scripts for Formulating a Management Plan
Scripts for Checking Understanding


An introduction to CSA (powerpoint)
CSA on 2 sides of A4 for trainers
Ram’s top tips for the CSA – part 1
Ram’s top tips for the CSA – part 2
Ram’s ‘on the day’ rules for the CSA
CSA Preparation – by Tomson and Rughani
CSA guidance – how to succeed
CSA – how not to fail (powerpoint with slide notes)
‘Arghhh, I’ve failed’ – how to make effective use of your feedback
CSA – the way I did it (a trainee’s perspective)
CSA – guidance from trainees who have done it
CSA feedback statements from the RCGP
Examiner’s feedback statements – why people fail (brief)
Examiner’s feedback statements – why people fail (detailed)
2010 CSA Examiners’ Feedback
2011 CSA Examiners’ Feedback

Practising for the CSA – role playing scenarios ( very, veryyyyyy useful)

CSA – case example and examiner’s marking crib (1)
CSA – case example and examiner’s marking crib (2)
CSA cases and confidentiality – everyone must read this

Other tips




  • Most of the training programmes will run mock CSAs twice a year to help you get practice and help you become familiar with what is expected. You must avail yourself of this opportunity.
  • In Data Gathering, they are testing communication skills AS WELL AS clinical skills like clinical examination; around 3 stations will involve clinical examination.
  • Clinical management includes synthesis, diagnosis, appreciation of co-morbidity, flexibility and sharing management options with the patient.
  • Interpersonal skills include, communication, respect for others, professionalism and other behavioural indicators.
  • And finally, always safety net! (ask your trainer if you don’t know what this means)
Do not expect Titanic or Batman 🙂
A Guide to the CSA: Series 1
Author: Mark Coombe
A Guide to the CSA: Series 2
Author: Mark Coombe
A Guide to the CSA: Series 3
Author: Mark Coombe 
  • There is a fabulous teaching resource set by Marie McCullagh and Ross Wright:   It’s called ‘Good Practice: Communication Skills in English for the Medical Practitioner’.   For more information, click here.   To buy it, click here (and click on the green book icons).
  • There’s a DVD out by the RCGP called: A guide to the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA). For all doctors teaching or preparing for the new Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) of the MRCGP. It costs around £20. Go to their website to purchase it:
  • London Deanery have produced two video resources that are pretty good.
    • ‘Words in Action’ – a resource to aid to communication skills training.  The DVD uses real consultations recorded in the multi-cultural London borough of Lambeth to examine closely and systematically what goes on in conversations with patients who speak limited English, or who have a very different style of communicating from their GPs.
    • ‘Doing the Lambeth Walk’ – a companion resource aimed at doctors new to UK general practice. The DVD and accompanying booklet encourage practitioners to reflect on how they use their communication skills in English, manage the consultation and share decision-making with patients. It will help practitioners ‘tune in’ to the different ways in which patients speak and develop the skills needed to prevent and repair misunderstandings.
    • Each costs £5 but buy both for £8.50 (incredibly cheap!).    To order your copies, please contact Dale Burton at or phone 020 7866 3123 or complete A slip and return to Miss Dale Burton, 2nd Floor, London Deanery, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DN.
  • Above All,




To Your Success,
Hema xoxo.

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