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Ethical Dilemma – Woman Requesting Termination of Pregnancy

Here is an example for ethical dilemmas and how to deal them.


CSA case - Woman Requesting Termination of Pregnancy



Watch the video to learn :


  1. How to deal ethical dilemmas in CSA effectively.
  2. How to have a lateral thinking in CSA
  3. How to use other types of languages in CSA.
  4. How not to allow our personal values to influence in CSA.
  5. The most common mistakes in ethical dilemma cases.


Here you go!

Ethical Dilemma – Woman Requesting Termination of Pregnancy.


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Ethical Dilemma in CSA – Woman Requesting Termination of Pregnancy.

Hi. Thank you for joining me.

I’m very excited to have you here. 

I am Hema, the founder of csa where we empower GP Registrars not only to pass the CSA but to completely ROCK it. 

Today I have an example case of an ethical dilemma for you.

Imagine that a young couple comes to see you to discuss an unwanted pregnancy and the possibility of a termination. You speak to the woman separately and learn that she is not certain that her partner is actually the father, as she has recently had sex with another man.  

How would you handle this situation?

Now, in the CSA exam we need to deal with this case in only 10 minutes.  

Quite a challenge!

Remember first of all that you are not expected to cover absolutely every possibility during that time as long as you handle the situation in a sensible and caring manner you will do well.

As always, it is really important to listen to the patient – not just to her verbal communication but also to her visual cues.

Don’t guess anything.  Just be open, explore and observe.

Although the patient SAYS she wants a termination this could be rape case, she may be suffering from depression, she could be suicidal and she may be experiencing domestic violence –  as GPs it’s very important not to be carried away by guessing.

This is a very complex situation but know that you already have all of the knowledge needed to deal with this case effectively.

The most important thing is that you approach it as a caring human being.  Communicate heart to heart while gathering the information you need, support the patient and then offer the options.

Remember, this is a very private matter for this patient, and unless she has an express wish to involve the other partners, it must be kept private.

The medico-legal view in this case is the appropriateness of the request to consider a termination of the pregnancy.

I would look at all of the factors under the Abortion Act.

Also, although the final decision regarding termination rests with the mother  we would normally involve the husband or partner if appropriate.

I would encourage the patient  to be open and honest with her partner.

During the 10 minutes, we can of course arrange for her to attend a second appointment alone.

After further exploration, if she still requests a termination of pregnancy, I would provide her with information relating to the different methods, stressing that the earlier the procedure, the safer and less traumatic it will be.

Now we also have to think about all of the other factors involved in this situation.

For example the risk for sexually transmitted infections.

We have to handle this with care and it’s our duty of confidentiality to the patient, we cannot inform her companion that he may be at risk of STIs.

This will be handled most sensibly by contacting the GUM clinic.

I would also take this opportunity to encourage her to adopt a sensible method of long-term contraception.

I would also offer an additional follow-up appointment, to focus on her stresses.

A counsellor would be an alternative resource.

Finally, we must be careful not to allow our personal moral values to influence the handling of this couple and the pregnancy. 

I would love to hear your views in the comments below.  

Let’s start a conversation about this!  

How would YOU handle this situation?

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Dr Hema


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