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Hellooo Friend!

Hema Here!

Biggggg Surprise!!!!!

I have got a gift ( Value £ 97) for you!

Tell me if you’ve noticed this:

When you start to go for something BIGGER in your life (like CSA Exam or an Interview), and it’s something outside your comfort zone… and you get really close to doing it… your resistance becomes HUGE.

This is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to shift your inner game and get the Mindset Magic!

Here’s the fastest, most effective way that I know .

I remember the first time I was invited to give a talk to an audience of over 200 people.

I was possessed by self-doubts and limiting beliefs about my ability to give a great talk to a group of that size. Would
they think it was a waste of time? Would I do something really embarrassing? And so on.

My belief was “I am not someone who CAN talk in front of 200 people.”

…but I was committed. Committed to those 200 people in the room. So I took, what was for me a very bold action.

And, that belief vanished after I gave the talk – because I just couldn’t assert that any longer in the face of the reality that I had just done it.

So here’s my fast inner game shifting method: commit to taking a BOLD ACTION in your life (i.e. in your outer reality), and your inner game has to shift to keep up!

By bold action, I mean it’s time for you to do start things in your life you’re not currently doing now.

But which bold actions should you take?

Of course it’s vital for you to take the RIGHT bold actions, the ones will take you in the direction you want to go.
(not just arbitrary bold actions that lead you back to the same place).

I want to share with you the bold actions that I call “Big Mindset Shifts“.

I’ve created a Webinar ( Value £ 97) where I’ll share with you the “Big Shifts” that I’ve personally used in my life to  pass my CSA and manage my projects like CSA SmartGroup, Royal Amore etc.  And equally importantly, these shifts have allowed me to touch so many more lives with my individual talents and gifts.

It’s called “Mindset Magic In CSA Sucess,” and I’m going to shake things up on this call in a BIG way.

EMAIL – for more information.


Given by my awesome students who attended the MINDSET MAGIC E – COURSE 

”Hi Hema, Thank you for your time and kind hospitality. We enjoyed the course thoroughly. The ‘Right Mindset’ section was really ‘mind-blowing’. You need to have this approach from the outset of CSA preparation if you want to pass your CSA. I am very glad that I attended this course at the right time so I can reflect and change my practice in day-to-day life to make it natural on the day of exam.”- Dr Ansar Hayat, GP Registrar, Yorkshire Regional Representative, GPC Trainees’ Subcommittee, BMA.

”Dear Hema, Thank you very much for CSA smart course. I appreciate your efforts and hard work to help us. The “Mind set “was really mind-blowing because I practically tried in my surgery with some really good feedback today. I have a lot of energy and ability to deal with complicated problems and i am not seeing them as problems now. I feel like kick started and updating constantly will help me get even better and smarter. I think I am very lucky to attend this course”. – Dr Mahipal Vemula, GP Registrar, Doncaster.

‘‘Hi Hema, The course was useful. Especially the first module: boosted my confidence. I think all GP Registrars who are facing the fear of failure should attend this. This will make us realize the importance of positive attitude on the big day.”- Dr Bindu Yelakala, GP Registrar, Leeds.


CLICK HERE to watch your FREE Webinar ‘Mindset Magic In CSA Success‘. ( Value £ 97)

I invite you to join me for the FREE Webinar and you’ll learn:

  • The single biggest mistake you’re making that will hold you back from your success in CSA and what you can do about it and DO WHAT IT TAKES TO ‘WIN’.
  • The first Big Shift you need to make to pass your CSA Exam.
  • The one Big Mindset Shift I made that alone resulted in passing my CSA Exam (I normally reserve this strategy for my private students
  • Discover a new way of consulting  that leads Examiners to naturally gravitate toward your work (vs having to chase for marks.
  • Learn the powerful mindset shifts that will help you break through blocks and make it easier to achieve SUCCESS in your CSA.


CLICK HERE to watch your FREE Webinar ‘Mindset Magic In CSA Success‘. ( Value £ 97)

That’s really important is this: I’ll give you a clear picture of Big Shifts that you can make in your CONSULTATION to boost your SUCCESS in CSA.

And when you have this picture, it will help eliminate the confusion, fear, and doubt that results in you unconsciously keeping your foot on the brakes.  And instead, you’ll be freed up to move quickly forward to success in CSA.

I know these are some bold claims and YES, we’ll be talking about Big Shifts on this call, not minor incremental improvements.


CLICK HERE to watch your FREE Webinar ‘Mindset Magic In CSA Success‘. ( Value £ 97)

I’m getting excited just talking about what’s going to be on the  webinar, so I can’t wait to share it with you.


To Your Success,





Hema xoxo


I’ll be sharing some BIG insights that I don’t usually share unless you join one of my CSA RAPID SUCCESS programs, so you’ll get some of my most innovative and cutting-edge ideas during this Webinar, too.

I always trust that I’ll have the right people on my webinar with me , so if what I’m talking about in this email speaks to you, then I would love to have you join me.

CLICK HERE to watch your FREE Webinar ‘Mindset Magic In CSA Success‘. ( Value £ 97)


SHARE with your friends who might need some support to succeed in their CSA Exam!

“ When somebody shares, everybody wins.” – Jim Rohn.



CLICK HERE to Get your FREE Webinar ‘Mindset Magic In CSA Success‘. ( Value £ 97)



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