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I am bad in consultations! WHAT?

Hellooo Friend!!!

Hema Here!

Give a big Hi 5!!

How are you?

Getting yourself baked in Sun?









I am delighted as some of you are reading our Blog from US, Canada, India, Russia, Spain, Germany…according to our Blog stats!!!

Enjoyyyy your holidays!!!

Mine is in July to Atlanta, wowww!  Can’t wait!

Now back to our point!

                             ‘I am Bad in Golf!!’

My son told me that when we were driving to school.

Why on earth we were talking about ‘Golf’ that morning?

Neither of us know how to play it.

But I realised, How often we say such things!

I am BAD in Palliative Care!

I am BAD in Dermatology! (This is mine).

I am BAD in Women’s Health!

(Many of my male colleague’s favourite and mine too before I did DFSRH and DRCOG).

You know what I told my son?

‘How can you say ‘Bad’ in something when you NOT even know what it is?’

THIS is the Question we should perhaps Ask ourselves!

This Mindset will give us lots and lots of Fear, Shame, Shatter our Confidence, etc, etc…

So it is better to Acknowledge What is True!


The truth is saying –‘I do not know’rather than Mis Judging ourselves to be Bad in it.

Then We will Take Steps to Learn if we Want to, Without losing our Self Confidence Unconsciously.

You know, Artists and Writers dread looking at a Blank Page.

( I always feel scared when start blogging on a new topic)


That Moment just before they touch the brush to canvas or type the first letter on the screen can seem like an Eternity!

Like fresh snow, or a brand-new container of vanilla ice cream, the untouched

page is full of possibilities!

Woo – Hoo!










Where Should You Start Making Your Mark?

Choice is YOURS!

Keep interacting!  You are not alone!

To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.


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