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Hello Friend!

Hema Here!

CSA result is out! Congratulations to All who have Passed…

Some have failed this time…

This might be a first ever experience of failure.

Many of us have a distinguished record of academic achievement so far.

Your Journey is Incredible as a Doctor. Well Done!

It was a terrible shock for me when I failed in February.

I was shattered.

Yes, I was shattered to dust, lost my confidence, etc, etc.

Spent few minutes (yes, You read it correct, minutes) Crying!

I phoned my parents who are in India( it was midnight for them) – briefly told what happened.

You know what my father told me!

I still remember what he told me –

” Hema, Do not waste your precious energy on what has happened which you cannot change.  But make changes about the future which you are in control of.

You were in lot of psychological crisis during your exam time. So a Lion(ess) cannot hunt while licking on its wound!

So Get up and think what you can do to do it better!”

How true?

I was not ashamed of not knowing something, but was proud of learning new skills.

How do you feel about it?

You know who helped me to build me up again?

Yes, it was my family and …..

Yes, My Real Patients!

My Passion for Medicine!

Through their positive feedbacks in PSQ, Thank you cards, Changing to our surgery because of my care to their loved ones etc, etc.

Above all, Our Dream to be a better doctor will drive us through this Ordeal.

But believe me, it is an Ordeal only till you succeed in the next CSA.

Now, I am happy not just for passing CSA but also for learning new golden consultation skills which I might not have picked up if I had passed earlier on.

It has made me lot better now, smaller consultation time, better patient satisfaction, positive result, better patient concordance, less pressure on me!

Even passing CSA with very good marks, I feel very sad for four of my colleagues who have failed.

But this is not the End!

We are going to practise till we all succeed!

Yes, We can do it!

It is a million dollar (or pound) Question! Isn’t it?

No one likes to fail.

Definitely not me, that too in CSA.

It would cost £1500 and extra. I can share how to avoid it and make sure to be a winner.

Because I have seen both of them. It is so simple but very powerful. I am sure that we don’t get it easily. The Final Step is the ‘Secret Mantra’ of Success.

Let Us Make Failure IMPOSSIBLE!

1. Set a ‘SMART’ goal. 

You Choose it smarter.

You must Believe in it.

You will have a better chance of success.

IT should be Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Relevant, and Time – bound.

If you don’t believe in your Goal, you won’t take action to achieve it.
It Must Inspire and Motivate You to Take Action.

2. Try ‘MUST’ rather than ‘Will Try’.

Never start as, “I’ll try.”

You must have 100% commitment to achieving a goal.
Definitely, then only you will find the Mental and Emotional resources.

These are vital for your success in CSA.

Have your targeted Goals ready.

Share it with your Trainer, Colleagues, Practice Buddy.

Try to Achieve It.

Make them DO IT.

Actively Observe… Believe me – We can learn a lot.

One Small Step at a time….


Even who have reached the Mount Everest in the Cold Hearted Himalayas, started with THAT one small Baby step…

I grab this moment to thank all my Colleagues esp Zahraa Ali, Michael Peter, Kashif Bhatti, Katie Setchell who helped us during our Ordeal in their Precious Time.

3. Treat Yourself – Treat Setbacks as Signals.

Grab the Opportunity to Celebrate even your Small Achievements!

Do not allow setback to block you from achieving a goal.

Do not treat them as “mini-failures”.

Do not Use them as an Excuse to Give Up…

And therefore FAIL.

View your setback as a signal to change your approach to achieve the goal.

Have The Courage to Make the Change!

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not that one has better abilities or ideas — but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and to act.”

– Andre Malraux, French Novelist, Adventurer and Statesman, 1901-1976






will be your

Best Friends

on your

CSA day!


Consistent Targeted Practice makes our Performance Perfect on your CSA day .

”We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore Excellence is not an act but a habit” –Aristotle.

4. Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.

Success Comes First to Work Only in Dictionary!

You don’t have control over anything except your own behaviour. Seeing failure as “failing to take action” puts you in control – and therefore success within your control

You are the Boss!

Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success!

Is it really that simple?


As long as you remain active, you’ll keep taking action.

You will achieve your goal eventually.

You will make failure impossible!


Do not Allow Anybody/Call Yourself as CSA Fails.

(We had tons of emails in our google group for few months with the subject as ‘CSA Fail’ – I didn’t have enough courage to highlight it then)

Call yourself as CSA Takers or Something you Like 🙂

Be Positive…Be Happy 🙂

Give me a Bigggg virtual Hi5 !


You are not Alone….

To Your Success,
Hema xoxo.

I ‘d love to hear from You…
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