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Master the Art of Motivational Interviewing!

Motivational interviewing has been shown to promote behaviour change in various healthcare settings.

It improves the doctor-patient relationship. It is a vital skill to learn to shine in your CSA.




Watch the video to learn

1. How to discuss behaviour change in CSA without breaking rapport.

2. How to foster a constructive relationship that leads to better outcomes.

3. How you can hone your motivational interviewing skills.  


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Motivational Interviewing in CSA.

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Practise Motivational Interviewing  in cases like Newly diagnosed Diabetes, High cholesterol, obesity, smoking, alcohol and drug use etc.




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Motivational interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a great approach to discussing behavior change that fosters a constructive relationship between a doctor and a patient and leads to better outcomes.


Simply giving patients advice to change is often unrewarding and ineffective Motivational interviewing helps patients to clarify their strengths and aspirations, evoke their own motivations for change, and promote responsibility for decision-making.


You can hone your motivational interviewing skills by guiding rather than directing; by eliciting the patient’s own motivations to change; and by refining your listening skills.


Motivational interviewing has been shown to promote behavior change in various healthcare settings and can improve the doctor-patient relationship and the efficiency of the consultation.


Some useful questions to remember are:

What changes would you most like to talk about?

What have you noticed about . . .?

How important is it for you to change . . .?

How confident do you feel about changing . . .?

How do you see the benefits of . . .?

Where does this leave you now?

These questions will form a solid foundation for you to hone your motivational interviewing skills.

See you soon!

Dr Hema

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