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Hellooo Friend!

Hema Here!


You have made it!

Biggggg Congratulationssss!

Congratulations again for joining me here!


Our CSA SmartGroup is your Rapid Success Ticket to CSA.



In the meantime, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for giving me the opportunity to be of service to you.

I don’t take it for granted.

You’re doing important work and I’m happy to have you as part of our community.

Lot of GP Registrars want to be successful but most of them fail to take Action!

Yes, Remember & Write it down!




I am delighted to serve you!

It’s really GREAT to have you here!

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Let’s jump in straight away —

And begin with this quick introduction I’ve made for you Smile



As we are going to be spending a bit of time together – I thought it would be nice if we get to know each other a bit first.

But just so you know a bit about me…

I’m from the Greattttt India – but I now live here in the most beautiful place on earth, Yorkshire  in United Kingdom, Married – 1 son- 14 dogs and 18 cats ( no, just kidding), just one German Shepherd called Tigerrrr!…

And I am a full-time Mum, General Practitioner, Jewellery Designer, Founder of Royal Amore Trust and a Blogger as You know… and Many more…

And you are here because you are feeling like a little ‘NEMO’ lost in the deep blue Ocean of CSA…

And interested in learning how to pass your CSA straight away…

Or just want to have a peek and see what is happening over here!

You know….

Passing CSA is a skill.

And just like ANY skill – It CAN be learned.

You do not need Luck or Talent to SUCCEED – You just need to DECIDE!

If you prefer Mr Churchill, the Great to tell you the same….

Here you go!

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlock our potential ~ Winston Churchill.


Yes, We Can!


MY Time is Precious so as Yours!

If you are prepared to put in a bit of time and work and effort…

I am more than happy to serve and teach you the exact skills needed.

And that, of course, is what this site is all about.

But we’ll come on to all this….

For now –

I just wanted to say a Bigggg  Helllllloooo 🙂

This blog might be veryyy overwhelming with >100 articles…

So Take One Step At a Time.

First of all,

Before I walk you through exactly what you’ll get in CSA Smartgroup, let me tell you who this website is NOT for:

  • If you’re looking for ‘Quick fix’ schemes, stop reading this page and unsubscribe from my list. I don’t want people who believe there’s a “magic button” for success.
  • If you are NOT willing to change your attitude or self-limiting beliefs, stop reading this page and unsubscribe from my list. I have no interest in helping you.
  • If you’re like some people who do NOT want to invest their time and money in their success or growth, while I have nothing against you, this website really isn’t for you. I’m sure you’ll find value, but you’ll have to do a lot of the dot connecting on your own.
  • If you like to gossip, complain, whine, etc, this is not the place for you and please unsubscribe from my list.

That said, if you can answer YES to any of the questions below, I believe you’re a perfect fit for CSA SmartGroup – Your Rapid Success Ticket to CSA:

  • Do you take your success in CSA seriously and willing to show 100% commitment ?
  • Do you learn new things by overcoming ‘ I know that already’ syndrome?
  • Do you belief in investing in your knowledge and success?
  • Do you put your 100% time and effort to implement I teach in this website?
  • Do you want to get the success ticket to your CSA Exam and spend rest of your life without worrying about your consultation skills or knowledge in dealing difficult cases?
  • If you answered YES to any of those questions, you should keep reading, because here’s what I share inside our CSA Smartgroup – Your Rapid Success Ticket to CSA.

You’ve invested your time and resources in our CSA Smartgroup.

So give it the time and attention it deserves.


”To Achieve Major Success- You Must Take 100% Responsibility!” – Hema…


You can go through my blog in any order as You like!

I would suggest…

1.Start from the ‘Actual CSA Resources You need‘ – just to have an idea!

But if you have got only few weeks for your CSA exam, go to ‘NEXT COURSES’ above to kickstart your practice..

2. Have a look at the ‘MRCGP CSA Exam Feedbacks‘ from previous Exams – A MUST READ.

3. Go through the ‘Art Of CSA Success & Mindset Secrets‘ to understand the role of correct mindset in passing our CSA  & Personal Advice from RCGP President and Chair , CSA Examiners and CSA Toppers!  Enjoy!

“The great leaders of  Medicine, business and industry, and the great artists, poets, musicians and writers all became great because they developed the power of self-motivation.” –  Napoleon Hill.

4. Go through the ‘FREE CSA Related Articles‘ – Start with the topic you need strengthening.

5. Keep watching the ‘Passed CSA – Now What To Do?‘ Space – New Articles are coming soooon.

6. Have a peek at ” Coffee Break in CSA- Hooray!” as your super brain need rest while preparing for your CSA.

7. If you are one of the proud and successful IMGs like me –  Have a look at ‘For IMGs -International Medical Graduates‘ for useful relevant articles.

8. Get the general vital information you need to know as a GP Registrar from ‘Acute Survival Secrets for GP Registrars‘.          ST I Registrars –  Come over HERE NOW 🙂


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This conversation is missing Your voice!


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* One Final thing.

If I had to sum up your future success – the word I would use is INVOLVEMENT.

I am very involved here as You see!

The key thing is – I want you to be INVOLVED too.

Don’t just think of this as a website –

This is a Powerful Community.

There are a ton of terrific people here – a lot of SUCCESS Stories, great friendships have developed!

As in Life –

You Get Out What You Put In.

So –

Please do not be shy – about getting involved.

The easiest way to get involved – is to post a COMMENT.

On most pages – not all of them – but certainly most – there is an area to POST A COMMENT.


Because….This conversation is missing YOUR voice!

This will get you used to being involved…

Also it helps ME tons – as I can get instant and immediate feedback…

About what you are thinking  and HOW I CAN HELP YOU!

Take a deep breath.

Smile 🙂

Let’s make it happen, Okay?

I can’t wait to help You PASS your CSA Exam and hear your SUCCESS Result.


YES, We are going to have such a deep, powerful and happy time together!

Be Creative, Live Your Dreams and Celebrate Your Life NOW!

To Your Success,





Hema xoxo.

General Practitioner.

Creator of CSA SmartGroup

Founder of Royal AmoreReady to ShinePlatform to empower needy women and poor students.

Official Ambassador of the AKSHAYA TRUST – providing free food for the homeless destitutes in India

Under Training at Anthony Robbins – Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach Training, USA.

Author of CSA Success Grenade – Funday.

Watch for more BOOKS-
















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I hope you are excited – I’m excited to have you here!

This conversation is missing YOUR voice!

Let me know about you, what are you doing, when are you planning to take your CSA, What you’re struggling with etc….

How I can help you?

Please post a comment below now & Introduce yourself.

“ When somebody shares, everybody wins. –  Jim Rohn.

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  1. Hiii Dr Khan. (I donot know ur first name)You are most welcome:-) Please sign up using the sign up form in the home page. You will receive my free gift – CSA Success Grenade ebook instantly. It will definitely give you an idea how to prepare for CSA! Patient friendly way!
    Hema xoxo
    Dr. Hema recently posted..QUICK INTRODUCTION & WELCOME PAGE 🙂My Profile

  2. Hi Hema.Your works are really inspirational for me
    I am preparing for the CSA exam early next year.
    Your website appears have the stuffs makes me happy

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