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Have you ever wondered how to remember all the risk scoring for CSA Exam?

I have… sooooooo many times:-)

Risk Scoring made Easy just for You!

Here are some of the important links, Enjoy!


Atrial Fibrillation – A nightmare in CSA – Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk (CHADS VASC)

Cardiovascular Risk Score (QRISK2)- You can use this calculator to work out your risk of having a heart attack or stroke over the next ten years by answering some simple questions. It is suitable for people who do not already have a diagnosis of heart disease or stroke.


Pulmonary Embolus Risk Score – To calculate Wells’ Score for risk of PE. One of the Important CSA Scenarios…

Pneumonia Severity Risk Score – To calculate the CURB-65 Score to estimate pneumonia mortality to help determine inpatient vs. outpatient treatment.

Croup Severity Risk Score – Quantifies croup severity (although mainly used for research, not clinically). Can present as a telephone consultation…

DVT Risk Score – To calculate Wells’ Score for risk of DVT.

Epworth sleepiness scale –

If you suspect that a patient is suffering from sleep apnoea, the easiest thing is to assess them using the Epworth sleepiness scale – click here to access an online version of the scale from our tools and resources section. This is a series of questions to assess how tired someone. Generally, a score above 10 indicates that further investigation and a sleep study are necessary. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as using screening pulse oximetry or by using polysomnography machines, including portable devices that can be taken home, which do the same as hospital-based overnight studies without the video component. Most sleep studies measure oxygen saturation as well as apnoea-hypopnoea index, body position, pulse and loudness of snoring.


MUST Score  (Use this calculator to establish nutritional risk – malnutrition score for prescribing food supplements)

Osteoporosis Risk Score (Frax) – to calculate the ten-year probability of fracture with BMD.


TIA Risk of Early Stroke Score (ABCD2)- Important for CSA!

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Add in the comments if you know more….

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