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Risk Assessment of Sexually Transmitted Infections Made Easy to Pass Your CSA


Risk Assessment of Sexually Transmitted Infections Made Easy to Pass Your CSA

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Have you ever thought why do we shy away from the STI risk assessment?


STIs – Not a fav subject for many of us!

May be even scary to some of us…

That is probably why we don’t spend lot of time in exploring them.

Until You Try, You Don’t Know.


Donate Blood!



I know, the image is talking about Blood Donation, But…

The inner message is the same.

Yes… Blood / Body fluids Can Rewrite a Person’s Fate!

We Can Save a Life if Diagnosed at the Right Time!


I am sharing the STI Risk Assessment Questions here…

Let us discuss the rationale behind them.

It would Make Sense 🙂

Easy to Remember!


It is important to build a very good rapport in CSA!

Be super cool sensitive!

Treat the simulators as REAL patients!

FORGET that you are in an exam situation!

Trust me in this one. It is POSSIBLE!

You will perform thousand times better if you do so!



Example Structured Approach for You

Feel free to change the words You are comfortable with 🙂


(1) When did you Last have sex/sexual intercourse?

As STIs have incubation and window period!


(2) Was it with a Man or a Woman?

For eg – TV is common in women, LGV in MSM.


(3) Was the person a Casual or Regular partner?

The risk varies with the exposure rate!


(4) Where was the partner from and what is their Ethnicity?

Afro-Caribbean, Mexican etc have a higher  risk.


(5) In which Country did you have sex?

Countries like Africa, Mexico, Thailand have a higher risk…


(6) What kind of sex did you have?

It guides which tests are needed – blood tests, swabs etc.


(7) For each type – oral, vaginal, anal—did you use a condom?

For heterosexual sex: was any contraception used?

Relate to the risk of pregnancy when asking about last menstrual period in gynaecology history.

Assess whether they were the active/insertive partner or passive/receptive partner, as appropriate.


(8) Does/did your partner have any symptoms?

(9) When did you last have sex with someone different?

Return to question 2.

Repeat this for all sexual contacts in at least the preceding 12 weeks.

My Tip  🙂      Never assume the sex of previous partners.

Trust Me – I have made that mistake many times :-(. will be too costly to make in CSA Big Day)

For men who report recent sexual activity with women –

It might be useful to ask if they have ever had sex with men in the past.


(10) Have you ever had any previous STIs?

Any previous Drug allergy, Drug resistance etc.


(11) Have you ever had a sexual health check up before?

(12) Have you, or have any of your sexual partners, ever injected drugs or shared needles?

For women, Have you ever had sex with a gay or bisexual man?

For men, Ask about any history of sex with men, as per point (9).


(13) Have you ever had an HIV, hepatitis, syphilis test before?

(Assess risk and offer tests as appropriate)


(14) Have you been vaccinated against hepatitis B, or have you ever had hepatitis?     

(Assess risk and offer vaccination if appropriate).


The most important thing is to show Empathy.

Be Cautious when dealing with the Highly Emotional Packed Scenarios like Rape, Assault, etc…

Take your Time…

Be Patient centred all the time!



Take Action NOW!

Practise all those questions until YOU are comfortable asking them without any hesitations.

Watch your facial expressions in Mirror! (Not scary as you think)

Play if you want! CLICK Here – STD wizard


Comment Below – What is the single biggest insight you got from this video?

And what action will you take right now to implement it?

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Talk soon,


Dr. Hema 



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