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Welcome to the TOP 10 TIPS for SUCCESS in CSA 🙂

I am writing this Free Blog as I wanted to share with You…

The Secret Tips what the Toppers followed to Pass the CSA…

Believe me,

It’s Easy… Yes….. We CAN Do It…..


1. Do exactly WHAT you do in your normal surgery! 
This is our programme director- Dr Adam’s favourite mantra!

2. Take care of Simulators as you Do with your Patients!
Just talk to them as you talk with your Family/Friends…

See how easy it is to explain in non jargon way!

3. Be natural when empathising!
Use words, phrases that are Comfortable for you…
Don’t forget the vital role of tone and body language.

4. Listen.. Listen…ACTIVELY Listen.
No kidding here…It is the most important KEY that leads to the Gold Information Treasure….

 5. Have a Patient Centred /Led Consultation.
As it is the heart of our General Practice….Honestly….

 6. Be courageous to say your valid views with reasons,   when facing unrealistic expectations…

7. Practise..Practise…Practise.
All the Difficult cases with your Colleagues, Trainers, Programme Directors….
Feel free to Make Them DO as well 🙂

8. Do lots and lots of video sessions.
Come on friends, its BARBECUE time – Grill yourselves.

9. Make use of the valuable stuffs in websites
Like bradfordvts, penninevts, etc,etc…


10. Time yourselves when practising.   (Stop watch please). Be a Merciless Monster when giving the feedback.  Better to make mistakes here than in Croydon!


PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!

My Extra Bonus Tip 🙂

Celebrate Even the Smallest Success to Keep Up Your Confidence Level High Up!!!

You might have noticed that I have not mentioned anything about the knowledge base.

Thats simply because YOU all have passed your AKT with flying colours already and ready to shine 😉





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