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Genetics Made Easy to Rock Your Consultations & Pass CSA!

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As a busy person, I know that we don’t have time to read for months.

So, I created  this 10 mins masterclass series to make it easy.

Genetics Made Easy to Pass Your CSA! – Masterclass Series!

Despite the fact that at least 1 in 10 patients seen in UK primary care has a disorder with a genetic component, genetics cases consistently pose a high level of challenge to candidates.

Examples might include:

1. Prenatal counselling where a couple believe they are at risk of having a child with a single gene disorder such as Sickle cell disease.

2. A woman concerned about the significance of a family history of colon cancer requesting a colonoscopy.

Most of the cases require the ability to construct a simple family tree, recognise basic patterns of inheritance, communicate risk effectively and refer onto additional specialist services when required.

Good news :

Extensive knowledge of individual rare genetic disorders is not needed to pass.


This series has  3 videos.

There are links for resources at the end if you intend to dive in deep :)


Watch the videos to learn

1. About ‘Basics’ for genetics counselling, cystic fibrosis, Down’s Syndrome etc

2. How bad news can adversely change the patients’ view of their future.

3.  Why closing the gap between the patient’s expectations and the reality of the patient’s medical condition is paramount.

4. About how to discuss genetics in simple, non-jargon language.

5. The importance of body language and tone of the voice etc.

Video – 1 :  Genetics Counselling – BASICS




Video – 2 : Genetics Counselling – Family History of CYSTIC FIBROSIS




Video – 3: Genetics Antenatal Counselling-  DOWN’S SYNDROME




Other resources to dive in deep :)

Click the links below!

Six Secret Steps For Breaking Bad News!



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