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Here again, Dr Kashif Bhatti is sharing his thoughts about the CSA preparation specially for you all 🙂
He is one of the TOPPERS in our Beautiful Great Yorkshire Deanery in the February 2012 CSA Batch.
Handed over to Kash…Kash..Kash…

The IMG Conundrum???

We all know the pass marks of local graduates versus International Medical Graduates –

But is this an over-simplification?

Whatever the politics of disseminating these figures to GP trainees ONCE they enter training, the fact remains that the high failure rate (in comparison to local graduates) is a massive Negative barrier to SUCCESS.
Yet, IMGs do pass, and Locals do fail.
There are no analytical statistics on these candidates.
A more interesting question is what is the pass-mark of candidates, graduated from the UK, post FY1-2 only, versus doctors from previous specialty backgrounds, regardless of country of graduation or employment.
I postulate, until the RCGP tells me otherwise (updates soon!), that the former have a higher pass mark than the latter.
Do you think an IMG, long-in-the-tooth, has less experience or wisdom than a fresh-out-of-FY2-local candidate?
My inference of the situation is that IMGs are good consulters/communicators.

After all, the RCGP tells us it is not about usage of English that fails IMG – but are going about it in the wrong way versus lesser-experienced local graduates.

From personal experience, I feel no difference in what I can achieve in 10 minutes between my new-into-ST3 consultation style versus my optimal-for-the-CSA-and-forever consultation style.

The difference is HOW I gather the information and communicate with my patient. 

Yes, some IMGs are not up to scratch, from a doctor point – of- view, but so are some local graduates. This is common sense – different specialties require different information and how to acquire this. The same is in General Practice.

So what does this mean for IMGs?
We should remember firstly that statistics are only that – numbers on a page.
The high failure rate to me suggests lack of adaptation – little else.
This is fundamentally positive news for any IMG!
You CAN pass, You ARE good enough!
You possess ALL the tools anyone else has.
You just do not know how to CHANNEL this.

Let go of your reservations and watch videos of good consulters versus your own!

It is NOT YOU that needs adaptation;

IT is your Behaviour!

Watch your Behaviour!

Become Positive and Interested.

Show Empathy and Place yourself in your Patient’s Shoes.

The medicine will come through.

You have so much more experience than the local graduates in this regard.

Be Positive, Smile, Enjoy!

Dr Kashif Bhatti.
Now, It’s Meeee…

Wowww Kash!!  What a thought provoking article!

Thank You, Kash. Keep interacting! You are not alone!….

To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.

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