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Hellooo Friend!

Hema Here! Give me a biggg Hi 5!

I am here to share some TOP SECRETS with you…



Because, Nobody will Explain These Things Properly….

Many Will Even Say These Are WRONG…

So Beware! I Warn You!

Double/Trible Check with the CORRECT PEOPLE!

Even it means to check with your Programme Directors, RCGP, BMA, other trainees etc, etc.

You know – How Courageous we are!



First of All, 

There is no such thing called Exam Leave’….

‘We will encourage you to take exams but the leave should be come from your Study  leave / they would be deducted from your  Annual leave/ Work to Pay Back as you are away from surgery and get paid for it. 

Time away from work for exams may well be encouraged by the deanery but you still are taking leave from your job. 

Talk to me (trainer) or practice manager when you get back but I suggest you need to cancel your holiday. 

If this is difficult let us know and you could work your PDP afternoons and drop a tutorial ( as you have already taken study leave from us for your education).”

Have you heard such stories ????

Not stories….REAL Incidents!!!

I am sure you would have….I am not kidding!

FACT is –

”Exam leave is a PROFESSIONAL leave –  It should not be included in your study leave and Certainly must not be deducted from your annual leave”, says my Programme Director.

I can see You Jumping in Joy!

Well, I am….



”You cannot claim your travel expenses during GP training.”

Some may even say –  ”Read the regulations very carefully and if in doubt ask your practice manager. I would not think that asking each other is very wise because this tends to promote misunderstanding.

You CANNOT claim mileage from home, but only for mileage within work. The attached document might help.”

” It looks as though you are claiming your mileage from home to work and home again – which you CANNOT do. See the print out regarding the rules. So I have crossed all the 20 miles off from your chart”.

AND they might even attach the deanery guidelines sheet!!!


But I wonder if they really, really, REALLY want to help the trainees or just pretend as though they do and take the trainees for granted!



The DEANERY document or regulations is saying – 

”No mileage allowance is payable to a GP registrar for their normal daily journey between their home and the practice premises, EXCEPT that a mileage allowance for ONE RETURN journey on any day when they use their car on an official journey, up to a MAXIMUM of 20 miles, is PAYABLE.”

Official journey includes our homevisits.  Woo Hoo!

One more Good News!

While you are in the hospital posts, You can claim for your DAILY mileage most of the time . 

Check your local TRAVEL claim form guidance NOW!

I agree, some trainees are not bothered, 

But it does not mean we  should also not be bothered about it. 

You are entitled for these things!


Your pay might go down because you are ST1′,‘When you move from your previous job to GPST1

FACT – Your Basic Pay is protected as per BMA…

Please join BMA as soon as possible if you want to avoid unnecessary chaos, problems, etc,etc ….If your practice refuse to pay, you have a right to raise this formally first through your trainer. If you are a BMA member, you can contact Ask BMA on 03001231233.

Next ,

Your Annual Leave is Fixed?

FACT – Annual leave entitlement increases with your years of experience in NHS.

So if you have worked in other specialties before commencing GP, then you will be entitled for more annual leave days than someone directly from Foundation Year 2.

Please check with BMA or ‘local policy’.

Beware they may not be correct EVEN if said by your HR Department, always double check it with BMA.

It worked for many!


‘Study Leave Allotment is Fixed – 

If you need more, Take them using your annual leave or work extra to Pay Back’. Sounds familiar?

How do you feel?

(Grrrhhh :-@)

FACT – Study Leave is negotiable.

If you need it for your professional development, You can request more.

Usually Trainers and Deanery will certainly support and encourage trainees particularly struggling ones…

Plan ahead!

Do whatever You Love to do! Like Golf (Just kidding…
No, You are not dozing off…)

Like DCH, DRCOG, DFSRH, DPH, Diploma in Diabetes, MSK, Pain Management, Substance Misuse, etc, etc.

List is Endless 🙂

Lets see what Bradford VTS Programme Director,

Dr. Ramesh Mehay says in his BOOK …

The Essential Handbook for GP Training and Education ( Page – 10)…

He says as follows,

” We were bit shocked that the practice was so rigid in thinking that the trainee was not entitled to any more study leave as Half Day Release ate most of the study leave and how they could get the trainee to give the time back.

In our Practice, if a trainee needs more input, they need more input – end of the story!

Why all the unnecessary fuss about paying back time?

As for the 3 hours per week of educational time – well that’s just a minimum, not the expected.

With respect to Study Leave – yes, Half Day Release does eat it all up.

But if this trainee is hard working and diligent and would benefit from going, what’s an extra three days of Study Leave?

As long as they are not taking the Mickey!

We felt this practice needed to get a grip and revisit their reasons for engaging in GP training in the first place.

Was it for an extra pair of hands or was it because they truly wanted to help new young trainees flourish? 


Hmmm….(Very bigggggg Sigh)

Wish I were with Dr Mehay…(wishing ever since I saw his website

I LOVE IT !!!!

We can support our junior Registrars, Can’t we?

What do you think?

Yes, I Definitely Support You!

I wonder what else I should add ????    (Blank Brain)….

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Keep interacting!  You are not alone….

To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.






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