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June 17!


We are looking forward to celebrate the Fathers’ Day.

Aren’t we?

I grab this occassion to thank my Father who is in India.

He moved from a small village to stay with his relatives (sort of unofficial foster care with little care and lot of exploitation) in a town for his Education.



He had a choice – To Do or Not to Do!

But, He chose to Do.

Yes, He stayed away from his parents and STUDIED…

He decided to Pursue that Painful Incredible Hard Journey in his Tender Age.

Inspite of that, He always look back with Gratitude!

He Never Complains!

Above All, He changed my life by taking THAT unbelievable journey.

He placed me in a Better Place with Endless Opportunities.

I feel blessed!

Back to the Point –

After looking at our Blog, My Father, now retired, told me to pass on an important message!
IT is from one of our oldest Tamil books called ‘ Thiru Kural’ written by St Thiruvalluvar from the Ancient India.

This book has each message in Just TWO lines!

As we have to be simple and clear in our CSA!

The Essence of that Golden Message is –

” Hardwork Will Offer You Everything Which Cannot Be Given Even By God Himself “









Consistent Targeted Practice is the secret of our success in CSA.

Wowww!!   Give me a Bigggg Hi5  again!

Keep interacting!

You are not alone….

To Your Success,
Hema xoxo.

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