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From the Desk of Dr. Hema Esh, 

Yorkshire, England, UK


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I’m Hema, a GP ( Family Physician) currently working in Yorkshire, UK

And it’s my passion to help you way beyond your exams by improving your consultation skill and shine with your own unique style.

After 15 years of medical experience in England, now through my flagship online programme, CSASmartSuccess, I teach doctors and medical students, super-practical, actionable guidance so that they can rock their consultations with ease and confidence, get more marks and actually enjoy doing it!

If you need personal support,  Email me at info@csasmartgroup(dot)com for details.

Born & raised in India, studied in UK & USA, but living in UK now, I’m lucky to call all these three places ‘my home’!


This extraordinary experience has given me the most outstanding success & abundance in both my life & as a doctor!

My passion is to help ‘YOU’ to rock your consultations, get more marks, create success & joy in your career & life!

It’s YOUR time!    Let’s Create Your Success Together! 


Our Vision is to Empower Doctors & Medical Students to Shine Way Beyond the Exams & Have Outrageous Fun & Success While Doing Their Consultations!

Our Mission is to Train YOU to Rock Your Consultations With Care, Trust, Integrity & Service to Change Lives Around the World!


What I Believe & My Passion!



I am originally from a beautiful place called Madurai, South India, and I feel blessed to have lived in the UK for the last 15 years with my wonderful family.

As well as being a doctor, I am a mom to my awesome little son – Adhi – He shoots my teaching videos!!!

One of the most important reasons for doing this is that I love being a shining example to him.

He is the first reviewer of my blog posts and even tries to read them out in different accents! is a unique FREE website dedicated to help doctors and medical students to ROCK their Consultations, Get MORE Marks and Make Every Examiner ADMIRE them!  


I want my time in this world to matter and believe I can make a difference.

I have worked in some excellent hospitals, including Leeds General and Bradford Royal Infirmary, gaining valuable knowledge under the expert tuition of consultants and trainers.

My comprehensive background includes experience in A&E, O&G, gastroenterology, cardiology, oncology, palliative care, Substance Misuse and sexual health.

Even in my surgery, some of my patients’ family members have registered with me after recognising the professional service I provide.

We do not need to be a superhuman like Gandhi, the Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa to make a difference. We can do it in our own humble way.

The main purpose of this group is to help you succeed in your exams!


The letters after my name, which include a degree and two diplomas, prove I have the qualifications and experience, but sometimes I think xoxo can be equally beneficial. Right?

There are numerous articles on the website, representing several hundred hours of work, but I want to spread the word further.

I believe the mindset is the most important force when it comes to life achievement, including CSA, so believe in yourself.

Follow your heart if you want, but take your brain with you.

One of my fundamental principles is living a life with purpose, one where you make an impact on other peoples’ lives and leave a legacy behind that you’re proud of, and this website is borne out of that philosophy.

As Buddha reputedly once said: “If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.”

I started this group because I felt like “Little Nemo” while I was preparing for my CSA exam, lost and alone in the big ocean.

Though I had support from my GP trainers, I felt isolated. It deflated my confidence and affected my performance.

Now that I have been through the process and succeeded, I want to support junior registrars, especially IMGs, who may experience the same feelings as they approach their exit qualification.

The idea came about when my GP trainer sent an email out about an available job in his surgery and suggested spreading the word amongst the “smart GP registrars”.

The moment I read that word, I bought the domain name “csasmartgroup”’ and the rest is history.

Since then I have received some amazing support from unexpected directions.

It reinforced my theory that nothing is hard when we do what we love and the feedback I get is the proof I need to continue.

I remember, earlier on in my life, staying after school and helping my fellow students and, guess what? We all passed.

After getting top marks in the exam and receiving a gold medal from the President of India, no less, I realised this was my moment of karma – whatever we do in life comes back to us many times over.

As journalist Malcolm Gladwell reputedly said:

Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing that makes you good.

If you are a GP Registrar, feel free to share this information with other registrars to help them succeed. Don’t leave it to chance.

Finally, one more important point, this discourse is missing your voice, so please join, comment, like and share on Facebook.

Wishing you every success.


Dr. Hema Esh


Examples of positive feedback:

This was a letter I received from a quality officer at Local Care Direct in Leeds:

Hi, we have received a compliment to pass on to Dr Hema who worked for us on 20 April 2013 at Airedale Hospital.  The assistant who worked with her tells us she was privileged to work alongside Dr Hema.  This lady was so caring and understanding and a pleasure to work with.

Another example was from consultant John Griffith, clinical director of general surgery at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

I was on call during a busy night and reviewed a patient in A&E who had subtle signs of acute abdominal pain.

It turned out he had a perforated duodenal ulcer.

John’s appraisal read thus:

Hema, your care to the acutely ill was astonishing. It is you who saved the patient by alerting the team appropriately.



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Dr Hema Esh


General Practitioner in Yorkshire, UK.

Special Interest in Women’s Health, Substance Misuse & Diabetes – CIDC, LoC in SDI & IUD.

Creator of  CSA SmartGroup.

Author of ”CSA Success Grenade – Funday”.

Under Training at Anthony Robbins-Madanes – Strategic Intervention Coach Training Outreach Program to inform individuals about the methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Official Ambassador of Akshaya Trust – – Platform to offer food for the homeless Destitutes, India which is doing awesome work in my small hometown in India.



Dr Hema Esh is a family physician, entrepreneur and thought leader in her industry. She is a successful international speaker and author who teaches doctors and medical students all over the world to ROCK their Consultations with Confidence, Get MORE marks, WOW the Patients and Make Every Examiner ADMIRE  You! Through her workshops, courses, coaching programs, and products, Dr Hema Esh shows her students how to go from painful failure to an outstanding success in their exams while experiencing joy in doing it!

Hema started her medical career with a simple passion to make people better back in 2001 in India. She followed her passion and purpose in life and became a GP in 2012. She learned by trial and error what not to do during the consultations and ended up identifying what actually works in exams.   Feedbacks from her patients are super cool ones like – ”I always wait for Hema’s appointment, my mom always wishes to see her. She is very honest and open. I have complete faith in Hema and she takes her profession seriously”.

In 2012, she started the – a free online resources for the doctors & medical students who feel like a lost ‘Little Nemo’. It is very successful, has helped and supported more than 6000 doctors and medical students globally and has had more than 70,000 views. Her blog and newsletter are read by thousands within the industry looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Hema realized how truly important the education she had received online was and how incredibly difficult it was to attain. It is difficult to get the real knowledge about how the different communication skills in a way it works in the real world. Hema thought about how powerful it would have been to have easy and affordable access to information like that when she was first starting out, and so she became inspired to teach what she knows. Hema now devotes her time to creating educational programmes for doctors and medical students and they have impacted lives all over the world.

After creating a successful system, she began to launch CSA – The Online Programme to rock your consultations with confidence!

Pretty amazing, considering it all started in her kitchen table with a small laptop and the warm support from her little son – Adhi!

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