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Hellooo Friend!

This interview is only for you!….

Here You Go:-)




First of all, Tell me about yourself?

I am delighted to have you here!

I am from a little place called Madurai in South India and settled in UK for last 12 years.

I love my job as a doctor but also crazyyy about  creating opportunities to support my fellow human beings.

I am a very religious person.


Humanity is my Religion….

I pray that my time on this wonderful Earth really matters!

I pray I can make a difference.

I strongly believe in offering something back to make our society a better place to live.

I am blessed and fortunate to live in the most beautiful Yorkshire, UK with my wonderful husband, Chandoo and cute little son- Adhi.
Adhi is the first reader for my blog posts!
He will try them in different accents.

Why did you start this CSA Smart Group?

That is a question I ask myself many times.
Let me try.
In short –
I felt like a ‘lost Nemo’ while I was preparing for my CSA exam, and I want to help my fellow junior GP Registrars to succeed in CSA!
Though I had support from my GP trainers, I felt lot isolated and it blown out my confidence and affected my performance.  So NOW, I wanted to support junior GP Registrars especially IMGs who would feel just like me.
The idea came up instantly when my gorgeous GP Trainer sent out an email to our google group about an available job in his surgery and he suggested to spread the word among the ‘Smart GP Registrars’.
The moment I read that word, I searched and bought the domain name ‘CSA Smart Group’ straight away within few seconds. Honestly!
Sooooooo, it wasn’t a well planned operation.
It all happened as though it meant to happen.
Remember –  I did not know anything about how to do in the wonderful world wide web and internet!
Then weird things happened after it.
Everything fell in place and I received awesome support from unexpected directions.
It was amazing.
My husband told me that it was crazy as I was juggling between full time job, our little son, my jewellery site, Royal Amore Trust, Ready to Shine project etc, etc.
I told him that
Nothing is hard when we do what we love”.
Yes, I love supporting You to succeed in your CSA.
Your lovely feedbacks from all over UK prove that I am right :-)
Thank You so much!
It means a lot to me!

What qualifications/experience have you got to start this site?

Letters after my name – MBBS, DFSRH, DRCOG, CIDC, LoC in SDI & IUD, MRCGP, CCT (UK)

— Hooray!!!

But I prefer xoxo. You know me, Right?

I Believe this is only the beginningggg!….

Yes, I do agree.
I do not have a diploma or degree in teaching.
But I love teaching.
I remember staying after the school hours and helping my fellow students (from sports batch) and all of us passed!
I got the first rank in that exam(=A level ) and received a Gold medal from the ‘President of India’.
So I realised  that it is Karma or Law of Universe (whatever we call) –
Whatever We Do- It Comes Around Back To Us – in Multiples!
Now back to our question –
Yes, I have 11 yrs of experience with excellent consultants and GP Trainers in India and UK.
I was on full time job through out (except while on my maternity break and when I was happily depending on my crutches during my fabulous pregnancy).
Above all, I had worked in the most excellent hospitals in India and UK.
Like Leeds General Infirmary, St James Hospital, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Dewsbury, Pontefract and Stockport District Hospitals.
I have worked under awesome bunch of Consultants and Trainers…
In General Medicine, General Surgery, Accident & Emergency, Obstetrics& Gynaecology ( Medical Admission Unit, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Oncology, Palliative care, Elderly Medicine, Infectious Disease, Sexual health and Contraception).
In our GP land,
Some of my patients’ family members changed to and registered in our GP Surgery after seeing my devoted service and dedicated care to their loved ones!
Now, I am delighted to share my 15 years of medical experience and knowledge I received from my awesome Senior doctors and pass it on to my fellow junior Doctors.
Simple, Easy Peasy…
I am so happy to share one from many of the excellent feedbacks I received from my Consultants –
It was from my Consultant called Mr John Griffith, Clinical Director of General Surgery in Bradford Royal Infirmary.
I was working as a house officer, a  timid FY2 at that time and I was on call that busy night and reviewed  a patient in A& E who had subtle signs of acute abdomen who turned out to have perforated Duodenal Ulcer…
These are his own words in my appraisal folder –
”Hema, Your care to the acutely ill surgical patients was astonishing.
It is You who saved the patient by alerting the team appropriately and commenced appropriate treatment like fresh frozen plasma (as he was on warfarin).
We just went in, and sewn it”.
It was so amazing to hear such an encouraging feedback from my Awesome Surgical Consultant.
(He also advised me not to cry when been praised!)
I am not here to blow my own horns…honestly!
But to share my opinion that we do not need any degree or  be a superhuman to follow our heart and live the purpose of our life to support and help others.
Yes, I repeat and you can write it down 🙂
We do not need to be a SUPER HUMAN like Gandhi, Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa…
we can also MAKE DIFFERENCE in our own humble way.

What is the main purpose of CSA SmartGroup?

The Main Purpose of CSA Smart Group is to Support You to Succeed in Your CSA!

Only with Pure Passion and a Deep Purpose to Support You to Succeed in CSA.

All my CSA articles in our Blog are FREE.

I have written many FREE articles for emedicine/ medscape with more than 10,000 views!!!

That is reallyyy a Lotttt!

Now, I am writing CSA related articles/ FREE ebooks/practice cases for our CSA Smart Group site at present –

Some might think that to earn more money…

My humble answer is Definitely not!

I am already blessed and earning a lot  just by doing my GP work and other ventures as You know.

I would easily be getting £ 250 just for mere 5 csa model cases from other courses! (Perhaps, I should do that)

You can imagine the HUGE value and REAL content….

There are >100 articles in our FREE Blog.

And more to come…

The Main Purpose of CSA Smart Group is to Support You to Succeed in Your CSA!

I know, I spend awful lot of time over here…. crazyyyyy… but I loveeeee it.

Most important thing is

I love being a good example to my little Son.

Yes, he watches me 24/7!

OK, Enough said… Back to our CSA,

Watch out for my FREE E-Books –

CSA Success Grenade- Fun Days, CSA Made Easy Books  –Specially for You!

(Only thing that scares me is – Grammar!) 🙂

Get your FREE  E-Book  instantly – SIGN UP using the form on the left!

What do you want to share with me?

Mindset IS The Most Important Force to Achieve Whatever You Want  In Life – including CSA!
So Believe in You!
Do not Be Afraid To Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain with You!
As Gandhi told  ” BE the ‘Change’ You Want to See in this World!

Believe Me!

We do not need to be a Gandhi or Dalai Lama to be a Change Maker!

Please YOU can also take ACTION NOW!
No matter how small it may be!

The Choice is Yours!

What are You going to choose?

Tell me about your other projects?

I am fortunate to be the founder of ‘Royal Amore Trust’ to create a positive impact in the lives of less privileged people.

Particularly teenage mums, girls who are at-risk in community and children who need a positive and supportive environment to grow not only in UK but also globally….. A Fashion With A Mission…

I am a strong supporter of  ’HALF THE SKY’ Movement and ‘KRANTI’.
My READY TO SHINE Project offers provides free education and training to the students from the very low socioeconomic background as I believe –
Please visit my Royal Amore Trust page if you are interested to find out more awesome details.

Yes, This is MY way of giving something back to MY society.

What are your other interests?


Reading, do Tanjore Painting, Sleeping, madly Making handmade Jewellery ( You are welcome to have a look at my Royal Amore), cooking, (scared of baking – burnt many cakes, oops!), luv gardening, just playing with my little son.

Favourite Films –

Schindler’s List( Every time I see, I will cry), Star Wars, The Shawshank Redemption(still I deeply want to rescue the ‘Fresh fish’, to stop our Brookes, ROFL when Andy escaped), GANDHI, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, THE GODFATHER, Forrest Gump(“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”)

Favourite Music –

Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Virtual Insanity, Take On Me-a-ha, Club can’t handle me – Flo Rida.

Favourite Books –

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy(bit boring), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Half The Sky(life changing book)

Final words to share?

Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good.

  It’s the thing that makes you good.”      

~Malcolm Gladwell

Thank You and I am soooo delighted to have You here! 🙂

Support and Help Our Struggling GP Registrars To Succeed in CSA!

Join me in our favourite FACEBOOK  – JOIN, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE!

Join and feel the Great Soul Changing – Ripple Effect to support each other…SIGN UP!

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  1. Hi Hema,

    I have been looking on to your website last 2 weeks and have to admit that I do admire you! Not easy juggling with job and family, with all that to help us with CSA exams and the same time still make up time with your hobbies. Well done!

    Just that I have been having some difficulties to view some of the stuff on the website, for eg. the vidoes, the CSA e-book Grenade and also some required passwords.

    I would be grateful if you could help me with them.

    looking forward to hear from yu.


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