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Six Steps You Must Know in Sexual Health Cases to Rock Your Consultations in CSA

6 Steps You Should Know in Sexual Health Cases to Rock Your Consultations

Learn how to navigate the embarrassing sexual health assessment questions during your medical consultations, build the rapport quickly, establish your authority without feeling pushy and boost your success rate in exams with ease and confidence.

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In this free class you will learn:

1. Exactly what you need to ask about the sexual health using the proven example questions.

2. How to build the rapport that’ll help you get you closer to your patients and increase your performance level.

3. Super easy ways to create a friendly atmosphere while digging deep into the most vulnerable areas in your patient’s life.

PLUS… Some of the advanced consultation strategies I’m teaching only to my CSA SmartSuccess Students!


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Sexual Health Made Easy with Example Cases. 



Importance of Detailed Sexual History

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Extra Resources:

Laser targeted questions to use!

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