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Hellooo Friend!!!

Hema Here!

Give me a Biggg Hi5!

Are you really ready for the ‘CHANGE’?

Let me ask you something…

Have you heard the expression ?

”If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got?

If You have been Waiting for a Change,

But Not Doing Anything Different or Applying New Habits,

Then Might be….

Why You are Getting What You have Always Got.

”We must all suffer from one of Two Pains: 

The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret

The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons”

– Jim Rohn.

Here is a chance to do it differently, to learn how to do it

better and to BECOME someone who is SUCCESSFUL.

This is the right time – CSA time.

The Choice is Yours!


Yes, The Choice is YOURS…

Start working in the Right direction as Early as Possible in your GP career.

Find out What is Wrong…

Feel Free to Pester your Colleagues, Trainers, Programme Directors to learn the Right Way.

Ask them to Show/Roleplay if you are not sure.

Have lots and lots of practice, video sessions, shared surgery… list is limitless.


Find a way/words you are comfortable with!

Make a TO DO List.

Think about your Attitude! your Mindset!

They Play a Strong Part in Your Success.

Don’t be Alone.

Form a Practice Group, the Smart Group 🙂

Learn from Each Other.

Be Your Own Worst Critic!










Be the CHANGE you want to SEE.

Keep interacting!

To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.


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