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That was exactly my Attitude when I was in my early GP registrar period…!

How Stupid and Silly!

Late is Better than Never!

Isn’t it?



It might look veryyyy Dryyyy to start with.(atleast for me)

That too, if from Hospital physician (I am 🙂 /surgeon backround…

Believe Me…

You cannot get enough from it every time You read it…

Something NEW will be there for You Each time…

Yes, You will be addicted to IT.

I warn You!

‘IT’ has made my every encounter with MY patients Interesting, Enticing, Thrilling!

(Feel free to add whatever you want).




Finally, I bought ‘Roger’ for Myself!  Hooray!

So, Please have a go when you are in GPST Year 1 itself…

It is my Order! Not Kidding here!

That will take care of your Success Not Only in CSA but also as a GP.

Above All, Your Patients will love You Forever….

It is beyond the ability of this blog to fully cover what ‘Inner Consultation’ says!

Dr David Haslam, then Chairman of RCGP, says in his own words,

” The Inner Consultation has become one of the very few Contemporary Medical Classics.

This remarkable book focuses very clearly on both parties in the medical consultation.

It is now well accepted that the consultation is the epicentre of general practice.

Quality Consultation makes us more effective and makes our task both more interesting and more worthwhile.

I was deeply humbled when I re-read the book so that I could prepare these words.

I had forgotten quite what an astonishing book this is – how beautifully written, how wise and incisive and witty and fun it is.

If you have never read this book, You are in for a Treat.”

Certainly, I will add –

‘Every time, We read – We are in for a Special Treat.’

Inner Consultation sets out Roger’s thoughts on how consulting skills, and methods of teaching them, have evolved in the 18 years since the book’s first publication.

It also develops the theme of ‘curiosity’ as the key requirement for patient – centred consultation and provides a practical consultation model with FIVE Checkpoints to work to, advice for developing skills, and suggestions for doctors to ensure they know the cues in the consultation that require their full attention.

Yes, I too find ‘The Inner Consultation’ essential and thought – provoking reading!

Read sooner…..

Sooner is Better.

BMJ elearning modules have got some of Roger’s Audio modules which are a MUST for CSA preparation.

It will certainly Prepare You about How to Deal Difficult Patients in our surgery and in CSA….

Dr Roger Neighbour – Best Buddy for Your Success in CSA!

You can buy ‘The Inner Consultation’ from Big Amazon website.

But Please Buy from one of our sites like RCGP.



To Your Success,

Hema xoxo.

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