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Hellooo Friend!

Hema Here!

Give me a Biggg Hi 5!!!

I am thinking! about the correct mindset to have for passing CSA ūüôā

What I learnt from my Personal experience?

You need 2Ps –

Both¬†of the Ps –¬†¬†Strong Psychological and Physical fitness on the BIG day of CSA.

Otherwise, It would cost you a lot.

The Correct Mindset for CSA involves E.U.I….

I can hear you wondering  РWhat is thattt?

E – Education¬†– Realising that You have to learn New skills and¬†to unlearn the wrong ones ūüôā

U РUnderstanding РMaking sure you understand WHAT you are doing!

I РImplementation РTaking ACTION and Implementing your New Skills РMost trickyyy Bit!

Please Have a Daily Plan –¬† To make it easy to stick to!

Please Enjoy your Weekends!(unless on OOH)

Hooray!!! Have a Every Day Plan

Concentrate on ONE small thing like exploring Ideas or Concerns or Expectations and stick with it in all patients on that day.

Not all at a same time¬†ūüôā

Finally –

You will be doing All in <10 minutes.

(where is the stop-watch?) Believe me!


Observe your Trainer, other GPs, Colleagues to see how they deal it with superb efficiency and Above all, Naturally

The MOST important thing is to Take Action EVERY day!

The most valuable lessons of all are the ones You teach Yourself.

It takes a PASSION to face a New CHALLENGE.

Remember –¬† It is a Marathon, Not a Sprinter ūüôā

This isn’t kindergarten where you will get a Gold star just for showing up!


The Key to Success Рis  Taking Consistent Action!At the End of the GP Training

Everything. YES…

Everything will be Easy -Peasy!!!

You will be another little Roger Neighbour or Liz Moulton!

( I almost wrote Roger Moore!)

Your Patients Will Love You Forever!

To Your Success,
Hema xoxo.




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