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Antidepressants Made Easy – A Beginner’s Guide To Rock Your Consultations

  Antidepressants Made Easy – A Beginner’s Guide This is for the doctors and medical students who want to know the latest NICE guidelines about the antidepressants treatment in adults in an easy way. In this free video, you’ll learn 1. How antidepressants work, why they are prescribed, their […]

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Learn How Difficult Consultations Could Destroy You in CSA & How to Avoid Them

  Learn How Difficult Consultations Could Destroy Your Life & How to Avoid Them! <—Share with Your Friends! ( They’ll thank you) In this Free Video, You will learn   Why challenging consultations are bad for you and could be a costly mistake and how to avoid […]

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How to Manage Aggressive Patients in CSA Exams?

Watch today’s video to learn 1. How to keep your cool & stay safe in CSA. 2. How to avoid things get to the point of no return. 3. How to understand and handle aggressive patients in CSA. 4. How LATTE help you to get more marks. 5. How […]

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How to Deal Demanding Patients in CSA Exams?

I am sharing my tips about an important topic!     How to deal a patient demanding sleeping pills? Some of my students struggled in this scenario during our CSA Rapid Success Course recently. Hope it helps you as well! Here you go!         To […]

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How to Deal Angry Patients in Exams?

  I know you’ve probably got a lot planned for this, so I’ll make it quick 🙂 My Rapid Success Ticket to CSA Course happened last weekend… Your Commitment towards your success in CSA was Awesome!   Testimonials of the GP Registrars in their own words: ”Hi […]

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