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How to Deal Angry Patients in Exams?


I know you’ve probably got a lot planned for this, so I’ll make it quick 🙂

My Rapid Success Ticket to CSA Course happened last weekend…

Your Commitment towards your success in CSA was Awesome!


Testimonials of the GP Registrars in their own words:

Hi Hema, Thank you for your time and kind hospitality. We enjoyed the course thoroughly. The ‘Right Mindset’ section was really ‘mind blowing’. You need to have this approach from the outset of CSA preparation if you want to pass your CSAI am very glad that I attended this course at the right time so I can reflect and change my practice in day-to-day life to make it natural on the day of exam.”

– Dr Ansar Hayat, GP Registrar, Yorkshire Regional Representative, GPC Trainees’ Subcommittee, British Medical Association.

Dear Hema, Thank you very much for CSA smart course. I appreciate your efforts and hard work to help us. The “Mind set “was really mind blowing because I practically tried in my surgery with some really good feedback today. I have a lot of energy and ability to deal with complicated problems and I am not seeing them as problems now. I feel like kick started and updating constantly will help me get even better and smarter. I think I am very lucky to attend this course”.

Dr Mahipal Vemula, GP Registrar, Doncaster.

‘Hi Hema, The course was useful. Especially the first module: boosted my confidence. I think all GP Registrars who are facing the fear of failure should attend this. This will make us realize the importance of positive attitude on the big day.”

Dr B Yelakala, GP Registrar, Leeds.

In the course , I explained that one of the most important things I’ve learned over the years that’s made me successful in CSA is understanding that the act of giving 100% is one of the highest vibrational energies in the world.

When you give something valuable to someone, from your heart, you instantly feel good about yourself, you do something good for the person on the receiving end and it triggers HAPPINESS in Both of YOU and YOU will definitely perform well on your CSA…

That’s why I want to give you yet another gift.

There’s no catch…just super-valuable content, at no charge.

YES, I am sharing my experience I got in A & E and MAU jobs in one of the modules from my course, just with you!

Hope it helps you to face one of the difficult scenarios not only in CSA but also in your daily practice.


Enjoy–and yes, by all means feel free to pass it on.


How To Deal Angry Patients in CSA Exam?



Please Practice!

Remember – Consistent Action brings Consistent Results.

Let me know what you think in the comments section on the page.

Enjoy–and yes, by all means feel free to pass it on.


To Your Success,

Dr Hema 

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